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Blow Molding Services

Blow Molding Services
Blow Molding Services
Blow Molding 60 Round Table
Blow Molding 60 Round Table

Penguin, LLC is a manufacturer and provider of plastic extrusion blow molding services used in the construction of plastic part components and finished assemblies. Blow molded parts are constructed by clamping a mold around the plastic parison and blowing compressed air into it, expanding the plastic into the shape of the mold, resulting in a hollow piece which can be beneficial for lightweight constructions. We have a variety of single and twin headed presses which provide improved capacity and efficiency.

Plastic materials we work with include high density polyethylene and high molecular weight polyethylene. We are capable of blow molding parts with final dimensions up to 96” x 48” x 18”, and also provide extensive testing and quality control services, including CMM, QC sheets, process sheets, and weight and wall thickness measurements. Our secondary and finishing services include routing, drilling, cutting, powder coating, and assembly. We perform short and long run production requirements.

In the pursuit of highly efficient blow molding processes, we have a number of automation systems in place at our facility. These include state-of-the-art mold change systems, automatic raw material feed systems, and weigh scale material blenders. In addition to our core plastic molding services, we offer design assistance, logistics support, mold repair, and distribution expertise.

Blow Molding Capabilities

Product Capabilities
Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding
Large, Medium and Small Parts
High Throughput
Shot Size
3 to 80 lb (Twin)
Number of Cavities
Single to Multiple cavities
Wall Thickness
.040 to .300 in
Maximum Part Length
96 in
Maximum Part Width
48 in
Maximum Part Height
18 in
High Density Polyethylene
High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene
Blow Mold Grade Polypropylene
Others Available
Material Handling
Three 100,000 lb Silos
Complete Vacuum System with Aluminum Tube
Additional Bulk Rail Car Storage
Resin Handling Systems
Material Blenders
Quality Control
Romer Arm CMM
Leak Proof Testing
Weight and Wall Thickness Measurements
Process Sheets
QC Sheets
Frequency of Measurements
Batch Control
Date Coding
Post Molding Operations
Additional Services
Assembly / Pack-Out
Custom Design / Engineering Assistance
Distribution / Logistics
Mold Repair
Industry Focus
Office Furniture
Automotive / RV
General / Industrial
Intended Application
Large Flat Panels
Industrial parts
Consumer Products
Complex Shapes
Lean 5S Manufacturing
Lead Time
3 Weeks
Rush Services Available
Production Volume
Large and short run capability
File Formats
SDRC Ideas (auto industry based), auto cad, parasolid
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